About Us


We at Perfect Hand Fasteners supply a broad range of extremely reliable, precise, and accurate fasteners, building materials, tools, and electrical items for industrial applications. We would take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Perfect Hand Fasteners Trading LLC, a trusted name in supplying a variety of standard and special-grade fasteners, building materials, electrical and general hardware items. We have been the most reliable and trusted supplier in the market since 2018.

We have an exquisite, fine range of fastening elements available in our store, developed specifically to increase productivity in many common fixing tasks. We are an excellent supplier of quality fasteners for industrial and domestic applications. We value our customers and always work to improve the quality and assurance of our products.


Seek growth through new ideas and innovative products based on new technologies and build strong client relationships.


Engage in trade with a focus on providing high-quality services to customers in order to reach new heights in global markets.